Three reasons students need a good sleep during exam periods


Your whole life can hang in the balance during an exam period. It can take just one bad day or one good day to determine whether you smash your targets and set yourself on the road to your dream job or if you fail entirely. This is, of course, is why a good night’s sleep is so essential for all students during exam periods. Whether you’re into the habit of staying up late to revise or whether you simply can’t nod off because of all the pressure, let’s look at three reasons why a decent night’s rest is important for your success.


A lack of sleep has been found to slow down a person’s thought process. This can make remembering information harder and concentrating on certain tasks such as writing difficult to do. Of course, this can spell disaster if you’ve got a test on the horizon because it means you’ll struggle to effectively recall information, even if you’ve been studying hard.


The recommended seven to nine hours sleep for adults is typically enough to maintain a healthy immune system. Falling short of this quota can play havoc with your body, leaving you susceptible to all sorts of illnesses like coughs and colds. These won’t just make revision a struggle in the run-up to an assessment, but could also mean you are forced to miss the exam you’ve been working towards.


Exams can cause even the most strong-willed of people to succumb to stress. Unfortunately, so can a lack of sleep. If you’re continually faced with a poor night’s rest, it’s possible that you’ll start to suffer from or exacerbate mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This can be particularly hard to manage when you’re also dealing with the stress from your examinations.

What’s the answer?

It’s important that you take control of your sleeping patterns during the exam period – which is why you could benefit from the Sleep Infuser. The device is designed to improve sleep quality and can add up to two and a half hours extra shuteye each night. it is clear to see why this might be beneficial – making it the perfect investment in your study and your future career.

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