Taking your phone to bed could be making you sleepless

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Mobile phones have become essential to most people’s lives. So much so that, according to Statista, more than 94% of adults now own a handset. However, did you know that your phone could be the reason that you’re suffering from sleeplessness? If you take your mobile to bed with you, it’s possible that the device could be having an impact on the amount of sleep you get each night. Let’s look at three ways your lack of sleep could be due to you taking your phone to bed with you.


The bright light omitted from your mobile phone has the power to keep your brain alert at a time when your body should really be winding down. Ultimately, it has the ability to delay your circadian rhythm and confuse your body clock. This is one reason why people might feel tired before going to bed but later struggle to doze off once they’ve been scrolling through their phone. Some newer phones now have an evening setting, designed to cut down on the amount of light entering your eyes. If you have to use your phone before bed, you should use this mode.


Stress can cause hyperarousal, which is just one of the reasons why people struggle to sleep when dealing with such negative emotions. Unfortunately, you open yourself up to such unpleasant feelings when flicking through your phone before bed. Just think of all the infuriating comments or upsetting articles you might come across on social media. It’s enough to keep you awake – and ruminating – when you should be sleeping. The answer is to limit yourself to positive websites or to avoid using your phone too close to your bedtime.


Light sleepers need just the smallest sound to wake them from their slumber. Meanwhile, most others would agree that it’s a struggle to sleep when there’s a phone ringing or vibrating with messages or app alerts next to their ear. Even if you take all the necessary precautions to stop this from happening, the modern-day compulsion to check our phones can mean that it’s still liable to disrupt your sleep simply because it will be on your mind. It might be better to put your phone in another room during the night.

What’s the answer to your sleepiness night?

Of course, it can feel like it isn’t practical to go to bed without your phone at arm’s length. Luckily, you can still ensure a good night’s rest if you use the Sleep Infuser. The device is designed to settle your mind into a good sleep, so you won’t have to worry about your mobile keeping you up.

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