Three beverages that can disrupt your sleeping patterns


It is recommended that adults should get between seven and nine hours sleep each night to function properly and stay healthy. Unfortunately, many people are regularly falling short of this suggested quota – and often it’s partly because of what they have been drinking during the run up to bedtime. If you’ve been struggling to get a decent amount of sleep, here are three beverages that might be keeping you up at night.


Here in the UK, we drink roughly 95 million cups of coffee each day, according to research carried out by the British Coffee Association. The beverage is part and parcel of people’s day, with most happy to admit that they’d struggle to keep their eyes open if it wasn’t for a few cups of the hot stuff when the mood strikes. However, due to its high caffeine content, coffee can keep people alert well after they plan to wind down for a good night’s sleep.

Soft drinks

Fizzy drinks can contain large amounts of sugar and other forms of sweeteners. This is, of course, is what makes them so hard to resist! Unfortunately, those who indulge in a glass of pop can find that they get a sugar rush either before bed or shortly after nodding off. It can cause them to wake unexpectedly and possibly even struggle to get back to sleep again.


Many people would be at a loss without a small glass of wine after work or a few pints on a Saturday. While there’s a common misconception that alcohol will help people sleep better, it is actually more likely to disturb the vital REM stages of your sleep – leaving you feeling frustratingly tired and sluggish the morning after. Not to mention the inevitable hangover, dehydration and sugar cravings.

What’s the solution?

There’s no need to give up any of your favourite beverages for good to improve your sleeping pattern. Instead, you can increase the amount of time that you spend in the land of nod simply by investing in the Sleep Infuser. The machine is designed to encourage the brain into natural sleep patterns, meaning you can get the rest you deserve despite indulging in unhelpful beverages from time to time.

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