World Poetry Day – Variation on the Word Sleep


Sometimes, the gentle words of poetry can be an excellent way to drift off into a restful sleep. In fact, reading of all kinds can be relaxing and a great way to switch off your mind. In honour of World Poetry Day, and in the hope that a great night of sleep is waiting for you, we would love to share one of our favourite poems on sleep.

Margaret Atwood is well known for her novels, but her poetry is also something very special. Variations on the Word Sleep is the perfect example of her talent in just a few short stanzas. The Canadian writer has published works of fiction including the dystopian novel The Handmaid’s Tale and the historical tale of a woman accused of murder, Alias Grace. Her work is often dark , yet wry and with a certain sentimental side, when required. This poem is certainly softer in the way it explores love and the notion of protection.

You can read the poem here.


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